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Dell Streak 5: Root Gingerbread Android 2.3.3 ROM

UPDATE 16th Jan 2012: This is not a Gingerbread ROM update tutorial. This is a tutorial to gain root access to already updated Dell Streak 5. Please follow my previous post if you want to update from Froyo to Gingerbread. 

Dell Streak 5: How to Install Official Gingerbread ROM (Android 2.3.3)

The usual disclaimer: Please read the disclaimer on the footer of this page before you attempt anything based on this post.

Process overview:
A) Enter fastboot mode and flash to the streakmod custom recovery
B) Reboot to the streakmod recovery and select ‘update from’ to select superuser apps. Now your DS should get rooted.
A) Enter fastboot mode and flash to the streakmod custom recovery

  • Connect  your DS to PC (You already installed drivers to it) and copy to the DS SD card and rename it as (i.e. /sdcard/
  • Stop USB connection and power down DS (DS is still physically connected to the PC through the cable)
  • Press and hold down the camera button and then press the power button. Release the button when you see a white screen
  • Select Fast boot mode on the top right on your mobile (DS display will show FASTBOOT_MODE)
  • Now it’s time to do some DOS commands from your PC to communicate with DS through the connected USB cable.
  • On your PC, navigate to the path where you unzipped the fastboot tools.(C:\Fastboot+ADB). You have already copied the streakmod recovery (C:\Fastboot+ADB\recovery.img) to this folder. (see requirements)
  • Press Shift key and from right click menu open a DOS command window on that folder
  • Type  'fastboot -i 0x413c flash recovery recovery.img' without the quotes and hit enter. You can see that your DS screen shows the response.(By the way, you can copy paste the commands to the DOS prompt. Right click on DOS command and paste.)
  • Type 'fastboot -i 0x413c reboot' without the quotes and hit enter.  
B) Reboot to the streakmod recovery and select ‘update from’ to select superuser apps.
  • On reboot, immediately go in recovery mode (hold both volume buttons while powering on). Don’t let it go to full system boot yet.
  • Select option 2: Update from update.pkg on sdcard. Now this would go to be the custom streakmod recovery. (See version number at lower bottom in yellow font. If not, you are not on StreakMod and you can't proceed) Select and proceed instructions to root
  • Now the rooting process will start and finish. You should see the messages. On rebooting, your DS will be rooted. 
  • Before rebooting your system again, you may need to do one more thing (optional). read on...
I found later that the official Dell ROM over wrote custom recovery. This post was helpful and you may want to follow that.

Custom Recovery – Prevent Overwriting on Dell Streak

So before rebooting your system again, I did this one more thing; disabled script in /system/etc to prevent recovery overwriting.

You have many ways to do it. But this is the way I did it. 

  • Enable USB debugging. (settings>applications>development).  
  • Go to the DOS command again (C:\Fastboot+ADB\) and type these commands.

> adb devices
You should see some numbers. This is optional and just to check

> adb shell
Now you entered the remote shell; which is actually running in your DS

$ su
(Command to run as root. A pop up will come on DS screen asking for su permission and you should allow it. Now the prompt will change to #. If you see 'Permission denied", your rooting did not work and you cannot proceed )

# busybox mount -o rw,remount /system
(Mount the system with read-write permission.)

# cd /system/etc
(Change path to the location of the file. If you type ‘ls’ now, you can see a file named ‘’. The aim is to disable it by renaming)

# chmod 777
(Change permission for renaming)

# mv
(Rename the file. Now it’s done)

You may reboot the DS now. But if you want to batch install all the saved app collection back to new ROM, you can do it by a single command. Say, you have 50 apk files stored in /sdcard/backup/apps/

# cd /sdcard/backup/apps/
# for x in *.apk; do pm install -r $x; done

 This will install all the apps one by one. The app file names should not have any space in it.
Thanks to the smart guys at XDA forum for guides, how-tos, and for sharing all the required files.Check the forum link: for more details and discussions.


  1. I followed your previous post
    and thanks to you i was successfully able to upgrade to 2.3.3 with ease!!
    But now i am unable to root it. Once my DS got 2.3.3 i tried gingerbreak and it did not work anymore(was working on 2.2.2). I also followed the above post but did not work. Oncw is entered fastboot(cam+power) i enetered commands as above from my PC...then it rebooted while i was holding both volume keys. CHoose option 2. Then once it booted i tried adb shell which was fine but $su have permission denied

  2. Good to know you have successfully upgraded to official Gingerbread. Sorry for the confusion on rooting instruction. Ya, I missed one thing. You need to allow su permission for superuser app pop up on DS screen. I added it in the description. May be you already figured it.

    1. I have read in XDA that there is honeycomb upgrade for Dell streak 5 but couldn't find any downloads from any site,can u help here?

    2. Thank you it's work to my mobile

  3. hi encountered signature verification failed. please advise what do i need to do to be able to upgrade it. thanks.

  4. "signature verification failed": May be the zip file you downloaded is corrupted. Download and try again.

  5. nice tutorial. Working great on my gingerbread streak. I install some programs and still okay. and now I want to backup rom with nandroid. how to do that? is nandroid the best one for streak? thanks for help.

  6. You're welcome. Thanks for your comment. Nandroid is working perfect for me so far. For backup, you should first boot to recovery mode, select option 2 and now you should be in streakmod recovery mode. Go to advanced > nandroid > backup. This will backup ROM to your sdcard. If I mess-up DS anytime, I just restore from the latest nandroid backup and it's a wonderful option to have for an android phone.

  7. what is streak mod how to boot in streak mod?

  8. Please can you tell me how to uninstall those Korean apps that i don't want to use but are installed by default.
    I have rooted my DS.

  9. Q: "how to uninstall those Korean apps that i don't want to use but are installed by default"
    Try Root Uninstaller from Android Market

  10. You're welcome. Enjoy the root power!

  11. very good and useful instructions, finally i have rooted my dell streak
    thanks to all the efforts of you guys
    best regards

  12. Call me crazy, but I've done this several times now without any errors but when I do the final reboot, it comes back as 2.2.2!

    I tried to disable '', however I don't have that file on my device! The only *.sh I have in system/etc is '' and ''. I've tried several methods to make sure I'm not seeing things (or rather "not" seeing things), but that file is not there. I've thought about renaming one of those files but I'd hate to brick the phone I've only had for 2 days.

    The only thing I noticed is that you warned against Superuser 3.0.7, however that is what is packaged from the streakdroid download (maybe it makes no difference).

    Clearly I'm missing something really obvious...does anyone have any suggestions?


    1. You mean, you successfully installed Gingerbread ROM (2.3.3) and when you root it, it come back as Froyo(2.2.2)? Are you sure?

      Do not rename any other files. If you don't see that file, you are probably doing something wrong.

    2. I just downloaded and checked the file contents and noticed that the contents have been upgraded by the owner to the latest version of Superuser.

  13. Yes, I went through the excellent tutorial successfully, with version showing at the bottom left for the recovery image, all the way to the end where is says the "device is now rooted".

    However when I reboot after the "On rebooting, your DS will be rooted." step, after a relatively long reboot the system comes back just as I had left it as 2.2.2. So while everything seems OK during the upgrade, I never do actually get to see 2.3.3 running.

    So I read that the factory image can overwrite the custom image, but when I try to rename "", it simply isn't there! I've looked 100 times now and cannot find the file anywhere.

    Maybe I'm not actually getting a proper new image seems to me if the DS restores the original image, I shouldn't have any of my apps installed, but like I said when it reboots I am back to my old desktop and apps!

    Should the the new recovery image still be on the DS somewhere so I can check it?

    Sorry to be a just bugs me that I can't make this work!

  14. Well, I'm confused. I don't know your tech level. But do you realize that this is not a Gingerbread ROM update tutorial? This is a tutorial to gain root access to already updated DS. Did you check out my previous post? Follow that one if you want to update your Froyo to Gingerbread.

  15. Ha!

    I actually have a fairly high tech level, but what is now an obviously low attention level!

    It is amazing what you can read into something once you've already made up your mind about what it should be telling you!

    Sorry for being an idiot...I'll check out the other post and will stop asking ridiculous questions...although I'm still wondering why you don't address whether a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's in this tutorial...

    Thanks for putting up with me.

    1. No problem. :) Everyone make mistakes and misjudgements at some points of time. Hope you'll be able to update your Froyo to Gingerbread without much trouble.

  16. Successfully rooted my streak, thanks a tonn...

  17. Hi TechNetizen,
    Still gathering info before i unroot gingerbread,
    i dont know if its just me but the link for "streak mod Recovery" redirects me to xda developers. but no actual file to download.(i did click on an open source link that redirected me somewhere else but still no file to download) My question is, am i missing some thing here and if i did get that file from some where else from google, how can i tell the spec of the file would match the spec of my device(dont want to brick the device). And finally is there a way to backup my current gingerbread state so as to restore it either from my pc or the device itself if anything goes wrong? please reply many thanks.

    1. It's great to know you have done your homework before doing anything:

      1) The process is generally called 'rooting', i.e. gaining root access

      2) The link is to the XDA forum webpage and it has 'Attached Files' links. Scroll down and you can see it. I downloaded '' file.

      3) I'm not sure how to know whether this process would brick DS or not in advance. But I believe, this is generally safe if you follow the method properly. May be read XDA forum discussions etc to see how it went for fellow DS users.

      4) To get a full system backup, you need root access. I don't know how to back-up otherwise.

      Hope that helps. Good luck

    2. It sure helped, i followed every thing...fastforward to when the device has been rooted but not rebooted. At command prompt "su" it doesn't say permission denied, instead it says "super user not found", that suggests to me that my DS is already the "administrator" so to speak, or super user and cannot overwrite any other rooting process if i rebooted again? please reply thanks

    3. lol, i am dumb. indeed i had super user already. so there wasnt any need for the last step as my DS doesnt unroot itself. Many thanks again.

    4. Good to know it's all working for you. If you don't rename the file '', your recovery may get overwritten. But root access won't be affected. Streakmod recovery (specifically, nandroid) is useful for full system backups. Next time try to go to recoverymod and select option 2 (Update from update.pkg on sdcard) check whether you see streakmod version number at lower bottom in yellow font. If you see a serial number on top line ending in 40714, your recovery got overwritten. Anyway, your phone will be still rooted.

    5. ive checked, it was overwritten (that explain why i was able to use streakmod recovery). tbh i'd rather have rooted device like you pointed out than a froyo recovery than isnt rooted. dont know if u are aware but apparantly honeycomb(3.0) is now an official release for DS 5. My question is do u think its possible to upgrade from gingerbread(2.3) without loosing root function?

    6. *(that explains why i wasn't able...

    7. Official Honeycomb is not yet available for DS 5 AFAIK. Do you have any link or information if you think it's released? Post it here if you found it somewhere.

    8. i found one on xda website about honey comb(apparantly its all over google), not sure what AFAIK stands for that you previously quoted but here are the links, and please get in touch what you think. thanks

    9. Thanks for posting back with the link. I'm aware of the XDA thread. Probably you haven't read the comments in the thread.

      I agree with what Strephon commented on 21st January 2012, 10:28 PM: "...But we will never see Honeycomb (Android 3.x) on our Streaks. Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x) is a remote possibility, but I'm not anticipating seeing it...."

      And on 21st January 2012, 03:53 PM: "...The author of the article the OP refers to is, to put it nicely, full of s#!^"

      Remember, inter web is a big world where anyone can post anything; right or wrong. It is users responsibility to identify the correct information.

      Don't confuse DS5 with DS7 which is marketed as 'tablet'. DS7 got Honeycomb update. I recently came to know that Honeycomb was mainly made for tablets only.

      "..not sure what AFAIK stands for that you previously quoted.." Well, just Google "AFAIK".

    10. This might be a silly it possible to flash into nandriod without a laptop. Ive only been able to get there when I flash using fastboot and cmd on my laptop...please reply thanks.

  18. hi! how do i get the dell streak driver? i am having a hard time upgrading mine. would love to have gingerbread on my DS. can you please patiently instruct me with this stuff. please. thank you! :)

    1. any response from Techienetizen? Thanks! :)

    2. this post has instructions for rooting a DS(dell streak) after upgrading to gingerbread(2.3)...if u want to upgrade to gingerbread (2.3) and the drivers, check technetizen's previous post before this one.

  19. i have 347 , can i upgrade to 407 update ? or do i have to pass through 350 ?

  20. I got a signature verification failed like the post above and have re-downloaded the Zip. Any advice ?

  21. How to un-root this ???

    HOW TO UN-ROOT ???

  22. Rakesh Kumar PandeyMarch 17, 2012 at 3:57 AM

    Hi Sir.

    I Have Dell Streak 5,Details Are as follows-Android version 2.2.2,band version-GAUSB1A135100-US,Kernel Version-,OEM Version-190,Build Name-streakdroid 1.9.0.Now i want to upgrade to android gingerbread 2.3.3 or Android 3.0 honecom ,how to do it and from where to download the required files ,i'm new to this dell streak.please help

  23. it worked for me..Thanks alot..Looking forward if can upgrade to latest version maybe honeycomb or ice cream sandwich

  24. Help me
    Press the shutter button (camera) to continue and you should see a progress bar. Leave it to do the update. It'll reboot once its done. You should see one more update process with progress bar showing a 'Dec 1' date.

    how much time it take for 2 update progress bar??

    it stuck on Dell logo after restart
    what should i do now?

  25. I have the following issue with the commands enter:
    I open the CMD on folder but when I enter the command to flash the recovery it says that "fastboot command is not recognized".The folder is on C: not in other directory.
    I wrote the command as in tutorial.
    Thanks in advance for the help

  26. is Tamil fonts getting loaded properly on this dell streak. can some one visit say tamil wiki and post a screen grab. . TIA

  27. Well done, thank you! I've rooted my korean Olleh Dell Streak successfully!

  28. Hey can u plz teme a sight frm where i can download honeycomb for ds 5....i m low in tech lvl so plz help

  29. Hi,

    thanks for the update on 2.3.3 on your previous post. This root tutorial also worked for me. Is there any other way on how to disable recovery overwriting aside from what you showed on the instruction :disabled script in /system/etc to prevent recovery overwriting.

  30. Hello,
    Thanks a lot to the autor for a great tutorial.
    So far I experience just one problem: I can’t hang up a call from touch screen.
    Is anybody experince that, and if so, how to resolve it?
    Best regards.

    1. Try ShakeCall app from Google Play store.

    2. Works , like a charm - Thanks a lot!!

      Best Regards.

  31. i have tried the way of flashing streakMod recovery image as specified and ran the provided commands aswell and did everything exactly to the point yet when i select option 2 i.e., "software upgrade via update.pkg on sd card " it takes a while but comes up with the screen

    " the android system utility - GAUSB1A135100

    to perform an emergency software recovery . you will need to

    insert a micro SD card containing an update file. (/sdcard/update.pkg)

    to download an update and for future instructions, visit

    http ://

    hold the up volume button to reboot the phone."

    i also tried renaming the package to update.pkg yet it boots into the screen as though its taking an update and says signature verification failure and then again reboots to the phone to my froyo 2.2.2


    the baseband im using is : GAUSB1A135100-AWS

    Kernel version :

    unfortunately i cannot take screenshot of my mobile screen.

    please guide me in the correct direction as to what need to be done furthur as i have tried the clockworkMod recovery and ROM manager and streakMod revovery too.

    any help would be much appreciated as i am trying to upgrade a custome ROM of longhorn 2.9.1 and its been 4 days now i keep circelling around for a break through.


  32. Thanks, perfect procedure.

  33. hello. thanks a lot for this, i installed and everything works perfectly except for the mmi connection problem whenever i try to reload or check my balance please help me

  34. Are you sure i need to rename to ? when i boot in fastboot mode it looks for a Update.pkg file ?

    Is fast boot when i press volume +and- together and then start ?

    I have totally messed up my streak during a previous update and i'm trying to fix it now. ( at least since i did the recovery.img i can use it with 2.2, so that's already a big improvement , thanks a lot for that!!! )

    Thank you

  35. Plz itz my request to u
    I want upgrade my dellstreak5 2.2 to 2.3 or any other higher version
    Plz provide me simple and easy way
    How to update
    In detail
    Step by step

    1. read

  36. Installed & rooted my phone ...its working perfect ..but i found the navigation icon missing from the phone ...also updated the google maps still i find it missing can anyone let me know how to get it back ??

  37. I wonder why other professionals don’t notice your website much m glad I found this.
    benefits of rooting android

  38. please help me after update i dont receive 3D secure code for my credit card i live in turkey

  39. I have tried your steps for Rooting DS Android 2.3.3, But can't root it with SuperOneclick & Ginger Break.

    So can you explain what I should do so that I can install Longhorn 2.9.3 which is the Latest OS for DS.
    It says "Signature Verification Failed"
    I have tried so many other Android OS aswell. As state that it is failed.
    So please help me to root my Phone which is having GingerBread 2.3.3 in it.

    And where do I get super user latest zip for the procedure you mentioned. Coz the super user i have is old.

    Thanx and expecting your reply.

  40. And also please note that I did what you said, but the version number is not at all visible"(See version number at lower bottom in yellow font. If not, you are not on StreakMod and you can't proceed)"
    What should I do now..................
    Thanx for the post anyways.............
    But please do reply..................

  41. @Dearest Bro techieNetizen,
    Hats off for all the times......
    You are Great Bro....Crysta clear to explain,guide,in details,really really outstanding.... i was surfing since months even at XDA... But no one was giving such a fantastic guidance.
    And it works like a charm,you you are my Divine Guru.Please bless us always with your in depth knowledge.
    Best among all the Bests Regards.

  42. Great info and clear instructions. Thanks. This is the 3rd time I am doing the root using your post. (Well for other readers, I had to reset my phone on 2 different occassions due to other reasons). But the link "" is no more working. I used it from what I had downloaded earlier long back. Maybe you could attach it to your post for furute users.

    1. Can you share it somewhere? I´m doing it for the first time and don´t have the original zip. I've tried with a different zip found somewhere else, but without success.
      Alternatively, which version of superuser was supplied in the original zip?
      Thanks in advance.

  43. i entered the commands, but my DS seems not respond at all~help~thx a lot

  44. hello there!!!!!!!!! pls can any 1 tell me what to do? am unable to download fastboot tools,whenever i try to downdoa it displays files or directory not found. pls what must i do ?

  45. pls i have dell streak 5 with os 2.2 and want to updgrade to os 2.3.3 pls where do i download it?


    get the legacy superuser file here for this process

  47. Thank you, after internal sd card error. Finally can upgrade and root my DS again