Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to change or modify the openSuse 11.3 KDE4 "My Computer" sysinfo window background color to match your desktop theme color

Sometimes you change your Desktop background image and change the theme to your favorite eye candy style. But "My Computer" stays the same old green color.

The images for the KDE4 sysinfo "My Computer" are stored at

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2.5K 2008-06-19 11:01 sysinfo.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4.0K 2008-06-19 11:01 network.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4.1K 2008-06-19 11:01 mem.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3.1K 2008-06-19 11:01 launch.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5.8K 2008-06-19 11:01 inner-bcg.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2.9K 2008-06-19 11:01 hdds.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  773 2008-06-19 11:01 hdd.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1.1K 2008-06-19 11:01 dirs.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2.7K 2008-06-19 11:01 cpu.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3.7K 2008-11-11 08:11 display.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 591K 2010-07-05 19:05 background.png

1. Make a backup copy of the images, 'background.png' and 'inner-bcg.png'
2. Open them with Gimp > Colorize > Change to your favorite color
3. Replace the original
4. Now open My Computer from Desktop and you should see the new colors.

Right click on "My Computer" and 'open with' > kwrite... You must see a lot of information now on the XML page

This html page has more details to explore

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