Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Convert your LAN to a WiFi for free with your laptop

If the WiFi in your office is quite weak or non-existent and if you don't wanna use your smartphone's data plan bandwidth for streaming music, checking your personal mails, sync-ing your online calendar etc, why don't you convert your laptop to a high-speed WiFi hot-spot for free? You can connect your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone all to your laptop (connected to a LAN Ethernet connection) using free software like these:



2. Virtual Router

3. Virtual Access Point

I tried the first two; Virtual Router, the 2nd one, didn't work for me. Connectifi worked quite well. Now I have high-speed internet on my androd phone for free. Kudos to the developers.

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  1. I also use Connectifi and it works very well. It also setup as breeze.
    By the way I was brought to your blog when searching for upgrading the Dell Streak to official 2.3.3. Excellent step-by-step way. It was a breeze with your blog. Later I also went on to root the updated Streak, again reading your blog.
    Regards and Thanks,