Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kindle Fire 7" vs Dell Streak 5" vs iPod Touch 3.5" (2g) vs Dell XPS 15z: HD video play

This is a HD video play comparison of Kindle Fire 7" (tablet) with some other devices of different screen sizes. All the devices are set on their max brightness and screens are the same as new directly received from the respective manufacturers.

Devices in the video are...
Tablet: Kindle Fire 7" (1024 x 600)
Tablet phone: Dell Streak 5" (800 x 480)
Cellphone (size): iPod Touch 3.5" (480 x 320)
Laptop: Dell XPS 15z 15.6" (1080 x 1980) 1080p

Playing a YouTube Video file (1280 x 720) downloaded as mp4.

Thanks to fellow Youtuber Cafeberdar for uploading the remix video.

The Kindle Fire is streaming video from my Desktop PC hard disk over WiFi.(through Gmote software) Dell streak and XPS are playing the file stored locally. iPod is streaming directly from YouTube over WiFi.

Observe the details and color differences.

Technical details of the devices:
Kindle Fire:
Dell Streak 5:
iPod Touch:
Dell XPS 15z:

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