Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dell Streak 5: USSD code problem fix for Gingerbread 2.3.3

hunderteins of XDA form has done an excellent job to fix the USSD code problem in Dell Streak 5 Gingerbread Android 2.3.3. TheManii put it easy for us to update the fix comfortably using StreakMod.  It's working perfect for me and you can try it if you want. If you want to fix, here's the detailed instruction on how you can fix it.

This tutorial assume you have Gingerbread installed in your DS. If you have already flashed streakmod, skip the first part. If you have rooted following my previous post, you may already have flashed StreakMod.

Requirements and downloads

  • Unzip to a folder; say C:\Fastboot+ADB

Process overview:
A) Enter fastboot mode and flash the streakmod custom recovery
B) Reboot to the streakmod recovery and select option 2 and then ‘update from’ to select

A) Flash the streakmod custom recovery
  • Connect  your DS to PC (You already installed drivers to it) and copy to the DS SD card.
  • Stop USB connection and power down DS (DS is still physically connected to the PC through the cable)
  • Press and hold down the camera button and then press the power button. Release the button when you see a white screen
  • Select Fast boot mode on the top right on your mobile (DS display will show FASTBOOT_MODE)
  • Now it’s time to do some DOS commands from your PC to communicate with DS through the connected USB cable.
  • On your PC, navigate to the path where you unzipped the fastboot tools.(C:\Fastboot+ADB). You have already copied the streakmod recovery (C:\Fastboot+ADB\Win32\recovery.img) to this folder. (see requirements)
  • Press Shift key and from right click menu open a DOS command window on that folder
  • Type  'fastboot -i 0x413c flash recovery recovery.img' without the quotes and hit enter. You can see that your DS screen shows the response.(By the way, you can copy paste the commands to the DOS prompt. Right click on DOS command and paste.)
  • Type 'fastboot -i 0x413c reboot' without the quotes and hit enter.  
B) Reboot to the streakmod recovery, select option 2 (update) and select ‘update from’ to select file.

  • On reboot, immediately go in recovery mode (hold both volume buttons while powering on). Don’t let it go to full system boot yet.
  • Select option 2: Update from update.pkg on sdcard. Now this would go to be the custom streakmod recovery. (See version number at lower bottom in yellow font. If not, you are not on StreakMod and you can't proceed) 
  • Select
  • and proceed instructions to patch
  • Now the patching process will start and finish. On rebooting, your DS will regain the USSD power! Try your USSD code and see if it works. 
  • [Optional] Post your experience here if you feel like. :)
Thanks again to XDA geeks hunderteins, TheManii, DJ_Steve and the rest 


  1. I can now checking my balance. Great Work! Thanks,

    1. how did you go through the process. please help me

  2. Hello everyone, is there a similar solution for the phone Motorola XPRT, running on Android 2.2 Froyo; I just received the phone and I'm using it on a GSM network, everything works fine except the USSD Codes. When I dial any USSD Code the phone displays USSD Running then IMEI Canceled. I really need help with that :/

  3. Thanks this makes my check balance work. Great job dude!

  4. i have tried the way of flashing streakMod recovery image as specified and ran the provided commands aswell and did everything exactly to the point yet when i select option 2 i.e., "software upgrade via update.pkg on sd card " it takes a while but comes up with the screen

    " the android system utility - GAUSB1A135100

    to perform an emergency software recovery . you will need to

    insert a micro SD card containing an update file. (/sdcard/update.pkg)

    to download an update and for future instructions, visit

    http ://

    hold the up volume button to reboot the phone."

    i also tried renaming the package to update.pkg yet it boots into the screen as though its taking an update and says signature verification failure and then again reboots to the phone to my froyo 2.2.2


    the baseband im using is : GAUSB1A135100-AWS

    Kernel version :

    unfortunately i cannot take screenshot of my mobile screen.

    please guide me in the correct direction as to what need to be done furthur as i have tried the clockworkMod recovery and ROM manager and streakMod revovery too.

    any help would be much appreciated as i am trying to upgrade a custome ROM of longhorn 2.9.1 and its been 4 days now i keep circelling around for a break through.


  5. Yesterday my local phone company changed the way to check the mobile's balance from phoning 178 to phoning *#100#. It didn't work on my Streak (recently updated to Gingerbread) and I've been giving them a bad time! Then I found this solution, which has fixed the problem. Many thanks

  6. Mohammed Abdul Moid
    please change your recovery to the update you are trying to install, eg. if you are installing 407 rom then please use the recovery for 407.

    even i had encountered the same problem and have successfully installed the new rom.

  7. plz help me....
    i am not able to download from the link you provided...
    help me on that

    1. Go to the link below. I got the ussdfix zip from xda forum. It works for me. I'm using Longhorn custom rom though.

  8. even I am not able to download from the link

  9. u knw wt .. u guys rocks
    i was in alot f trouble frm few days
    no limits f hppness
    i hv dwnlded d update ussd code by googling
    its nt present here
    n den i fllwd step same as while upgrading frm froyo to gingerbread.
    n i m done

  10. Fellow streaker here, dunno why i stayed with this gadget for almost a year and never cared to follow these simple now able to do all my USSD banking, bundle purchasing and all that stuff that needs star blah blah blah hash...and as long as i will be able to do that, i will always thanks folks like you....sellah.

  11. Wow... this is great.... Done using ubuntu 15.10... The fastboot in the repos wouldnt work so had to search for another online... which i found on xda...