Saturday, June 18, 2011

XPS 15z i7-2620M Benchmark Performance

Windows Experience Index for Dell XPS 15z i7 model:

  Some performance testing and benchmarking results are here for Dell XPS 15z done with PassMark PerformanceTest ™  software ( . Click on the image for the enlarged picture.

CPU mark comparison with other laptops

As per the test, the second generation i7 Dual core is clearly better than previous generation Quad core i7. Newer generation Quad core laptops are 75% better than new dual core i7.

Overall Passmark comparison with other laptops 

Looking at the overall "PassMark Rating" result for the laptop, Dell XPS 15z i7-2620M compares well with Alienware, HP Envy, Sony VAIO laptops.


  1. Did you get a chance to test/try performance of Intel Wireless Display *WiDi* on 15z?

  2. For streaming wireless display, I need to have a TV with supported feature (or buy an adapter). So I'm not able to test it.

  3. Thanks for the benchmark. I just bought the same XPS 15z but for the windows experience index, under "Intel HD Graphics family" I got a score of only 5.9. Does that mean my graphics card is not running to its full capability? Is there a way to make it do so?

  4. You're welcome. Sorry to hear about that. I think it is the because of the new driver shipped with your system.(Mine is v Same thing happened to me when I updated the graphics card driver. I'm not sure windows experience index is a good benchmark though. Try a 3D mark test and compare the performance with other laptops (available online).

  5. Cheers! Thanks for that. =)